RSVPortal includes a variety of flexible and easy to use features, so planning your event is a breeze!

  • Set up events comfortably at home, the office, or on the go. Set up is easy to understand, and by using RSVPortal you can avoid having all your information in different places, and trying to find specific papers. RSVPortal takes care of it all for you, keeping all your information safe and secure, in one place.
  • Share events easily with QR codes. The majority of people have smart phones, which means all they have to do to RSVP is scan the QR code with their phone and the registration page will appear. Hassle free for both you and the attendees!
  • Confirm bookings. RSVPortal allows you to have all your event information in one place. Once you have the numbers of attendees, you can confirm your venue, equipment etc. This makes booking a room or hall less confusing and easier especially when working within a university or large corporation,
  • Send follow-up emails for your event (via MailChimp). We’re partnering with MailChimp to create more dynamic emails, while also helping you understand the amount of people that you are reaching with your event invite. MailChimp informs the user of who opens their email, and RSVPortal helps facilitate sending the emails based on your guest list
  • Format different emails. From confirmation of booking to follow up emails, create different templates of emails and easily select who gets which type of email. All of these emails are fully customizable and changeable to suit your style, event, and guest list.
  • Collect fees before the event starts. By collecting money beforehand, you will have the means to pay for the resources you need to make your event a success! Collecting fees is easily done online through paypal, visa, or mastercard.
  • Set-up event schedules. Micromanage your event schedule online, and avoid any hiccups the day of. Keep guests informed, while also having the control to change the schedule easily.
  • Keep track of numbers of guests and resources needed for the event. By having everyone use RSVPortal, you will have all the information you need to plan the best event possible.